Smoker vs Nonsmoker

Reading & Writing - 05/01/2007

Have you ever smoked before?

As you know, smoking is very harmful to a human body. But many smoker already know about that. In spite of the truth, why can’t smokers quit smoking?

There’re many reasons why smokers can’t quit smoking. But there is one reason why nonsmokers can’t start smoking. It’s very harmful to a human body. That is only a reason of nonsmokers. ( wanna live longer! ) Most smokers are addicted to smoke. Namely, smoking is already part of the smoker’s life. Also smoking is a different habit to break. But some scientists said that smoking prevents causing serious diseases, for example, Parkinson’s disease and Alzheimer’s disease.

Recently, most smokers are perfectly aware of the dangers of smoking. Nevertheless, they want to smoke continously. But smoking is no longer considered socially acceptable by many people. Nowadays, many smokers try to quit smoking. Are you still smoking? Do you want to quit smoking? It’s up to you.