American Life Style : How it has changed

Reading & Writing - 05/01/2007

Wow! Do you know how the American Lifestyle has changed? Im some parts of a lifestyle, especially the high-tech industry part, my country(South Korea) has been highly adopted than the U.S. Meanwhile, in other parts of a lifestyle, for example a public welfare part, my country has been retarded than the U.S. A leaning bus is a good example for a public welfare between my country and the U.S.

Like this, a slight difference makes a highly different lifestyle. Then, what about the pace of life? As time goes by, industry is having a great boom all over the world. In the other hand, it has resulted in the spread of environmental pollution. The point is, changes in lifestyle are happening so fast. As a result, many people sometimes seem confusing and bewildring.

So, what about your lifestyle? How many differences does your country have between your country and the U.S? In my case, I was very shocked when I saw a bus in the U.S. A leaning bus as I mentioned before. When I saw a handicapped person on a wheel chair in the bus, I had a envious thinking for a welfare of the U.S. Let’s think about other things. What about the food in the U.S? Compared with asian countries, there are so many food which have lots of grease and sugar in the U.S. Actually, it doesn’t help for a human body. If these food could be changed, it would be fine for your body.

In brief, each country has a different lifestyle. For this reason, some countries have a good lifestyle from others point of view. In this case, we should have learned good things from others.